At Rosetta Roastery we're passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them. We source single origin and estate coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, micro-roasting each one to best present its unique personality. Great coffee is best enjoyed fresh and at leisure, which is why we deliver twice weekly in Cape Town, free of charge.

Rosetta Roastery is very proud to have been listed as House & Leisure SA's Top 5 Cafés in South Africa. You can help cement our number one spot (and win yourself a car - who doesn't like free cars?) by clicking on the link, and voting for Rosetta Roastery. Then again, if voting is not your thing, why not order some of our fresh roasted beans, and we'll deliver them straight to your home or office without you having to cast a single vote whatsoever. Cheers!

The grizzly has awoken

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that this is not your first coffee rodeo. You will no doubt be familiar with coffee reviews and flavour descriptions on coffees that purport to deliver "gentle citrus", "subtle spice" and "nuanced caramels". (If this happens to be your speed, try our OCR Reko Yirgacheffe.)
Our OCR Sumatran Gayo, however, is in no way gentle, subtle, or nuanced. It is a heavy imposing sort of a coffee with a temper. Here’s how he makes us feel:

" The pine needles crunched beneath his muddy paws as he trundled through the clearing. After a rude awakening, and the subsequent delivery of a deserved dismemberment, he went in search of something to eat. The only thing growling louder than him was his stomach, and he was in no mood for leafy greens, or forest moss. "

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ZAR 357.00/1kg

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What is Operation Cherry Red (OCR)?

Over the last decade, FairTrade has been the certification to make the most noise about fighting injustices against coffee farmers, by demanding higher prices for certified coffee. What FairTrade doesn’t promise is that any of this coffee will be of a quality worthy of that inflated price. This is of course a concern for ethically minded coffee roasters, who are passionate about quality.

It is into this scenario that a champion of a different (slightly less patronising) ilk has arisen; Operation Cherry Red. Pioneered by Dutch coffee sourcer, Menno Simmons, OCR aims to guarantee higher prices for coffee (far higher than FairTrade prices) in exchange for higher quality coffee. OCR does this by investing long-term in relationships with quality conscious farmers, upskilling the farmers in the latest agricultural practises, and also improving their machinery, infrastructure, and packaging materials.

The end results are some of the most mind-blowing coffees that Rosetta Roastery has had the pleasure of roasting and serving.
OCR is the perfect culmination of passion, knowledge, and community, stretching all the way across three continents, and beyond thunderdome. And that’s where we as a coffee outfit want to be, investing in the future and enriching lives; not only the lives of our customers, but also the lives of those passionate producers who grow and process the coffees that we sell. By investing in Operation Cherry Red coffees, this becomes possible for us – and for you too.

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